Minecraft Pickaxe

Type: Tool
Transparency: No
Luminance: No
Tool: Pickaxe
Stackable: No
Data values:
Wood – dec: 270 hex: 10E
Stone – dec: 274 hex: 112
Iron – dec: 257 hex: 101
Gold – dec: 285 hex: 11D
Diamond – dec: 278 hex: 116

Iron Pickaxe





are probably the most useful tool in Minecraft. They are required to successfully mine all the types of ore and make mining and collecting stone-type blocks and objects much faster. Some ores and blocks can only be successfully mined by using a
pickaxe of a particular strength or greater. For example, iron ore can only be mined successfully by a pickaxe made of stone or better (iron or diamond). If you don’t follow the requirements of the block you are trying to mine, (such as trying to mine gold ore with a wooden pickaxe) the ore block will break, but will not drop any ore for you to pick up. In addition to allowing you to mine and collect better materials, higher quality pickaxes also mine blocks quicker. They are crafted using two sticks and three of either: wood, stone, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamond gems. The crafting recipe can be found below.

Item Durability
Wood – 60 Uses
Stone – 132 Uses
Iron – 251 Uses
Gold – 33 Uses
Diamond – 1562 Uses

Crafting a Pickaxe

Pickaxes Sticks and Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond Gems. Crafting Pickaxes from Several Resources 

Makes mining stone-type blocks faster.

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