Minecraft Sword

Swords are one of several weapons that players can use to attack and defend against enemies. You can swing a sword by left-clicking and block by right-clicking while the sword is your active item. Swords also function as a harvesting tool. They gather cobweb and glowstone blocks faster than any other tool, and are also efficient for clearing foliage. Players can find iron swords as a dropped item from zombies. Future update snapshots suggest zombie pigmen will have a chance to drop golden swords when slain.


Type: Weapons
Durability: Wood (60), Stone (132), Iron (251), Gold (33) and Diamond (1562)
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: No
Data Values- Wooden (Dec 268, Hex 10C), Stone (Dec: 272, Hex: 110), Iron (Dec: 267, Hex: 10B), Gold (Dec: 283, Hex: 11B) and Diamond (Dec: 276, Hex: 114)

Minecraft Sword


Swords are primary and offensive and defensive tool. Using melee attacks as quickly as possible doesn’t reduce the damage of the blow like it does for arrows shot from a bow. Players can “spam” attacks with a sword by clicking as fast as possible to kill other entities very quickly. Swords lose durability when they strike a living entity and whenever they are used to break a block. The durability loss from striking a mob is half of the loss from breaking a single block.

Swords are the fastest tool for harvesting blocks of the following types: bed, button, cactus, cake, cobwebs, glass panes, ladders, levers, melons, mushrooms, minecarts, pistons and sticky pistons.


Crafting a sword: Combine 1 stick and 2 wooden planks, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamond gems.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Swords Stick and 2 of either Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron or Gold or Diamonds Crafting Sword from Stick and Other Resources

Kills mobs faster than using your hands.

Minecraft Sword Durability and Damage


Even though the sword graphic reaches farther than other tools, it has the same range as axes, shovels, pickaxes and bare hands. Swords used to deal much more damage than bows, making them a better choice most of the time, but bow damage was increased in Beta 1.8 to scale better against sword damage. Diamond swords are still the hardest-hitting weapons in the game. Players can safely strike mobs by standing a block layer below them on a natural slope or in a trench.

There is a big difference between diamond swords and iron swords. The damage difference may seem small on each swing, but the small discrepancy can make it take fewer swings to slay an enemy. You can kill creepers before they explode at melee range with a diamond sword, which is very hard to do with a sword made from weaker material. You must spam attacks as fast as possible to reliably kill creepers before they blow up.

If you are sprinting when you hit an enemy, the blow will knock them back several spaces. This allows you to fight your enemy at close range on even ground without getting hit. It can take a few minutes of practice to perfect this technique. If you wait too long to swing your sword, the mob will hit you before you send him flying. A sword with the knockback enchantment has the same effect as a sprint attack. You can also move backward and forward repeatedly while swinging the sword to hit enemies while dodging their attacks.

You can score critical hits on enemies by jumping before striking them with your sword. You must still be in the air when the sword hits to gain the critical effect. Critical swings are far deadlier than normal strikes.

Interesting Facts

  • A diamond sword with the maximum sharpness enchantment can one-shot almost any hostile mob on critical swings.
  • Players move slower when they are using the sword to block.
  • Wooden swords can be burned as fuel in a furnace.

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