Minecraft Stairs

Players can walk up or down stairs to increase or decrease their elevation without jumping. The same can be accomplished with slabs, but stairs increase elevation twice as fast as slabs do. You can find naturally generated stairs in NPC villages. They act as seating in houses and as roof material for most houses in a village. Cobblestone stairs spawn in strongholds, in churches and in front of doors and nether brick stairs appear in nether fortresses.


Type: Solid Block
Requirements: None
Physics: No
Transparency: Yes
Luminance: No
Blast Resistance: Wood (15) and Stone (30)
Tools: Axe and Pickaxe
Renewable: Wood (Yes), Cobblestone (Yes), Brick (No), Stone Brick (Yes), Nether Brick (No) and Sandstone (No)
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data Values- Wooden Stairs (Dec: 53, Hex: 35), Cobblestone Stairs (Dec: 67, Hex: 43), Brick Stairs (Dec: 108, Hex: 6C), Stone Brick Stairs (Dec: 109, Hex: 6D), Nether Brick Stairs (Dec: 114, Hex: 72) and Sandstone Stairs (Dec: 128, Hex 80)

Minecraft Stairs

Crafting Stairs

Crafting Stairs: Combine 6 wooden planks, cobblestone, bricks, stone brick or nether brick to create 4 stairs.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Stairs 6 Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Brick or Stone Brick or Nether Brick or Sandstone Crafting Stairs from Wood or Cobblestone

Stairs take up less space than steps.

Minecraft All Stairs

Stairs can be crafted with any type of wood plank, stone bricks, bricks, cobblestone, sandstone or nether bricks. Each set of blocks creates 4 stairs. The stair pattern can start in any of the four corners of the crafting grid.


While stairs are certainly useful for creating smoothly vertical transitions, they can also be placed as a building block in larger structures. You can create functional chairs and other furniture by placing two stairs facing towards each other. You can make small windows in a solid wall by putting a cluster of stairs that face towards a center point. As mentioned above, they can also be used as attractive roofing material for homes. Stairs can be used to make smoother slopes in both floors and ceilings. This makes it easier to make better looking archways for bridges, buildings and other architectural structures. Stairs can be used to hide redstone wiring. A full-sized side of the block can face outward and make a wall look continuous while the power goes through the open section of the block. When placed on top of a chest, the chest can still be opened. Many different sizes of windows/halls can be made with stairs to produce different effects/properties. The opening can be the size of ¼, ½, ¾ or 1 block. Liquid cannot pass through small openings but some small animals, items and arrows can.

Safe Door using Stairs

Door mobs can’t pass through using stairs

Stairs used as Bricks

Stairs used as bricks/building material


Stairs face towards the direction of the player when they are placed as a block. They can’t support torches and some other entities. They are impervious to liquid flows, although wooden stairs can be damaged by fire and lava. You can put stairs on the bottom of other blocks, as well as on the top and sides.

Upside Down Stairs

Stairs placed upside down


Wood and cobblestone stairs were the first types of stairs in the game when they were added in Alpha 1.0.0. They were modified many times in patches throughout the Alpha, Beta and pre-release developmental stages. Stairs used to break into their ingredients when harvested, but now they drop as a single block.
Snapshots of future updates show redstone devices, including dust and torches as well as rails being placed on stairs placed upside down. Wooden stairs can also be different colors depending on the type of wood used to make them. Sandstone stairs are also currently in development.

Interesting Facts

  • While players can only craft one type of stone brick block, they can harvest 3 different kinds in strongholds. Stairs made from the “chiseled” or “mossy” stone bricks look the same as those made from normal bricks.
  • Players may be able to put torches on the bottom of upside-down stairs in the future.
  • Player characters may be turned around if they change their camera viewpoint while walking on stairs.

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