Minecraft Pig

Pigs are passive mobs and one of many different real-world animal species represented in Minecraft. They are a great source of food, especially for players just starting out. Pigs are less than a block tall and wide, but are slightly more than a block long.


Pigs are entirely pink except for their black and white eyes. When you equip a pig with a saddle, the saddle graphic appears on the pig’s texture. Pigs have wide noses and small tails.

Health Points: 10
Spawn: Opaque blocks with at least 2 air spaces above them.
Network ID: 90
Savegame ID: Pig
Drops: Raw Porkchop (1-3) when slain. Drops Cooked Porkchop (1-3) if killed by fire.
Experience: 1 to 3

Minecraft PigMinecraft Pig with SaddleMinecraft Baby Pig


The only practical use for pigs is as a convenient source of food. Even though you can ride them, you cannot control the direction or speed of the mob at any time. You can halt a saddled pig by holding wheat as your current active item, but it cannot be used to direct the pig while riding. You can make pigs follow you by luring them with wheat in the same way.


Pigs spawn in clusters of 3 to 4 mobs, but they can frequently be found in larger groups when several clusters are generated in one area. Pigs can go up hills by hopping up one block at a time as they wander randomly. Like other mobs, pigs try to not fall off cliffs and they navigate around obstructions. If you are luring a pig with wheat, they ignore hazards and may kill themselves by falling or walking into lava.
While placing a saddle on a pig to ride it isn’t the most effective way to get around, it is the only way to get one of Minecraft’s many achievements. To earn the achievement, you must be riding a pig as it falls from a ledge. You can also push pigs into a minecart and transport them with it. This does not work with other vehicles.

While it is extremely rare, lightning can sometimes strike players and mobs walking around on the surface. When lightning hits a pig, it will become a zombie pigman, which are ordinarily only found in The Nether. Pigs can be struck even when a player is riding them.

Adult and Baby Pigs


You can feed pigs by holding wheat and right-clicking them. If you feed two or more pigs that are trapped in a small area, they will produce offspring in the form of tiny pigs. A pair of pigs can only make offspring every few minutes, so you can’t create a herd of pigs by simply spam feeding wheat.

Interesting Facts

  • Pigs gain an armor statistic when equipped with a saddle.
  • Players can attempt to direct a saddled pig by throwing harmless projectiles, like snowballs, at it.
  • You can ride a pig while it is being transported by a minecart.
  • Before the porkchop resource was added to the game, pigs dropped mushrooms when they were slain.

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