Minecraft Painting

Paintings are decorative items that can be placed on the sides of other blocks. Every painting has a frame and a low-resolution, pixilated image. There are currently 26 different images that can appear on a painting when it is placed. Most of the canvases are by Kristoffer Zetterstrand and are converted to low resolution to match Minecraft’s graphics. You can harvest the block and place it again to make it display a different image. Paintings are currently immune to fire, even though they are mostly made of wood. They even protect the block they are hung on from catching fire.

Paintings can only be placed on vertical, flat areas. When they are placed, a size and image is chosen for them at random by the server. Paintings can be as big as 4 blocks high and 4 blocks wide if there is a contiguous vertical surface large enough to support that size. Even if the surface is big enough, the painting may only be a 1×1 or 1×2 rectangle, so it may take a few tries to generate the largest painting possible. An easier way to get the canvas to fill up a particular space is to create a boundary around the space with solid blocks and place the canvas in the bottom left corner. However, this does not always work and may still take several tries. Paintings are dropped as a resource when struck with projectiles like arrows, fishing line and snowballs.


Type: Decorations
Durability: N/A
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data Value- Dec: 321, Hex: 141

Minecraft Painting

Crafting Painting

Crafting a Painting: Combine 8 sticks and 1 wool block of any color.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Painting Sticks and Cloth Minecraft Crafting Painting

Used for decorative purposes.

Note: The color of the wool used to craft a painting has no influence on the image that it will display when placed.

When any block attached to a painting is removed, the painting will fall to the ground as a dropped resource. You can hide chests and doors behind paintings by placing the painting after placing the other blocks. After a few tries, you will place a painting that conceals the opening. However, opening a door behind a painting has a chance of knocking it off the wall, so it has limited use for creating secrete passages.

Players and mobs can walk through an opening concealed by a painting without disturbing it as long as no blocks are moved. Light sources also cast illumination through paintings. The image on a painting can be ruined (turned black) if it is placed outside during rainy weather. You can harvest and replace the painting to generate a fresh image after it is damaged.


There are 26 different paintings as of version 1.2.5.

32 x 32
Minecraft Alban PaintingMinecraft Aztec 2 PaintingMinecraft Aztec PaintingMinecraft Bomb PaintingMinecraft kebab paintingMinecraft Plant PaintingMinecraft Wasteland Painting

64 x 64
Minecraft Bust PaintingMinecraft Match PaintingMinecraft Moonlight Installation PaintingMinecraft Stage PaintingMinecraft Void Painting

64 x 32
Minecraft Wanderer PaintingMinecraft Graham PaintingMinecraft Courbet PaintingMinecraft Creebet PaintingMinecraft Pool PaintingMinecraft sea 2 PaintingMinecraft Sea PaintingMinecraft Sunset Painting

128 x __
Minecraft Donkey Kong PaintingMinecraft Fighter Painting
Minecraft Pointer PaintingMinecraft RGB PaintingMinecraft Skeleton Painting

Interesting Facts

  • Notch hinted at the possibility of custom paintings in April 2011, although the idea hasn’t been developed yet.
  • On survival multiplayer servers, other players’ names are not visible if a painting blocks your line of sight of them.
  • Paintings are not technically blocks.

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