Minecraft Ladder

Ladders can be attached to the sides of solid blocks to allow players, and sometimes mobs, to climb in any direction along walls. They are often stacked vertically to travel up and down quickly, but ladders can also be placed side-by-side. Ladders are generated naturally in NPC village buildings and they also appear in stronghold libraries and intersections.


Type: Solid Block
Requirements: None
Physics: No
Transparency: Yes
Luminance: No
Blast Resistance: 2
Tool: Sword (-2)
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data Value- Dec: 65, Hex: 41

Minecraft Ladder

Crafting a Ladder

Crafting a Ladder: Combine 7 sticks to create 3 ladders.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Ladder 7 Sticks Crafting Ladder

Used to climb straight up and down.


You cannot attach ladders to fragile blocks, including ice, glass and foliage. They are similar to torches in that they don’t restrict movement in the block that they occupy, but other blocks can’t be placed in the same space. Water and lava blocks can’t pass a block with a ladder, so they can be placed to control liquid flows by creating spaces of air in or around them.

Ladder in a Stronghold

Naturally occurring ladder


By placing ladders at the bottom of a long fall, you can avoid taking falling damage for the distance traveled before you passed the ladder. Even a single ladder block can break a fall from any height. You can hang from a vertical wall by sneaking while climbing a ladder. Climbing up a ladder is also an easy way to get away from mobs that are chasing you. They can climb small portions of the ladder accidentally, but the AI is not programmed to actually seek and climb ladders.

You only start climbing a ladder when the lower of the two stacked blocks of your character model occupies the same space as a ladder block. If the first “rung” of the ladder starts above floor level, you will have to jump to start climbing. You cannot fall while climbing down a ladder, although you can bounce on and off the ladder as you descend to make the trip faster.


Ladders first appeared in the game following a June 2010 update. At first, players could climb and descend ladders if either of their character model blocks was sharing a space with a ladder block. This mechanic halved the number of ladders required to ascend a vertical incline.

Interesting Facts

  • It takes almost 2 minutes to climb from the bedrock layer to the highest block layer with a tower of ladders.
  • Be careful when placing ladders, they are notoriously easy to misplace. If you attempt to attach a ladder to a block occupied by another ladder, it will place the new ladder on a neighboring block.
  • Mining speed is significantly reduced while you are on ladder blocks.
  • You can eat and climb ladders without a speed penalty.
  • Vines are a viable alternative to ladders in many situations.

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