Minecraft Glass

Glass is a transparent block with defined edges and a series of white streaks on its sides. Light from the sun and other sources can pass through glass and illuminate the area on the other side. This makes it useful as a decoration or to make greenhouses and windows. Glass blocks also don’t obstruct redstone dust trails on diagonal blocks.

You can’t place rails, redstone devices, torches, beds, ladders, doors, switches or most other tile entities on glass blocks. This mechanic actually allows you to place tile entities on other blocks that normally couldn’t support them, including chests and furnaces. By putting glass two blocks above the chest, you can place an entity on the chest by attempting to place it on the glass. Since it can’t go on the glass, the game glitches and places it on the block below.


Type: Solid Block
Requirements: None
Physics: No
Transparency: Yes
Luminance: No
Blast Resistance: 1.5
Tool: Sword (-2)
Renewable: No
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data Value- Dec: 20, Hex: 14

Minecraft Glass

Crafting Glass

Glass: Smelt sand to create glass blocks.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Glass Sand and Fuel Smelting Glass

Used to craft windows, glass panes and glass bottles.

As Crafting Ingredient

Crafting Glass Pane: Combine 6 glass blocks to create 16 glass panes.
Glass Bottles: Combine 3 glass blocks to create 3 glass bottles.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Glass Bottle 3 Glass Crafting Glass Bottle

Used in Brewing.
Glass Pane 6 Glass Crafting Glass Pane

Looks exactly like glass, but can only be placed on the outer edge of a block, just like the placement behavior of a fence. Panes do not drop anything when broken.


Glass used to have a much “messier” looking texture when it was first released in the Classic 0.0.18a_02 version. Players could harvest glass blocks intact by punching them, but now glass shatters when it is harvested by any active item or hands. Solid glass blocks had few applications beyond aesthetics until recipes for glass panes and bottles were introduced in later Beta versions of the game. Update snapshots suggest that players will be able to put any kind of torch on the top of glass blocks in the future.

Interesting Facts

  • Glass conducts illumination at the same rate as air (-1).
  • You can still open a chest if there are solid glass blocks immediately above it.
  • Glass encourages the downward flow of water, increasing the rate at which mobs and players descend in the flow.
  • Mobs cannot spawn on glass blocks even at the lowest light level.

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