Minecraft Enderman

Enderman are three blocks high, making them taller than players, zombies and most other mobs. Unlike other hostile mobs, endermen don’t necessarily attack players on sight depending on proximity. They will only chase you if you look directly at them or if you deal damage to them. While endermen used to be able to spawn in groups as large as 8, they are now limited to a maximum of 5 per cluster. Endermen are the least common of all the surface-spawning hostile mobs.

Endermen have several unique abilities that make them one of the most challenging types of hostile mob in the game. They can teleport a great distance in an instant if they are in danger, so they are nearly impossible to shoot with a bow once they notice you. It also makes it difficult to hit them with consecutive melee attacks. When endermen “warp” away, they leave a trail of purple dots leading to their destination.


Endermen resemble a humanoid alien—they have long limbs and a disproportionately small body. They are completely black except for their glowing purple eyes.

Health Points: 40
Attack Strength: Easy (4), Normal (7) and Hard (10)
Spawn: Under light level 7 in the Overworld and The End
Network ID: 58
Savegame ID: Enderman
Drops: Ender Pearl (0-1)
Experience: 5

Minecraft EndermanMinecraft Enderman with Block

Moving Blocks

Endermen can pick up blocks, which they use as makeshift weapons. They can pick up almost any type of solid block, so they can player-made structures as well as natural terrain. Any block within 3 layers of an enderman is at risk of being turned into a weapon. Once an enderman picks up a block, you have to wait for him to place it again or you won’t get it back. If the enderman is slain while wielding the block, it will simply vanish and it cannot be retrieved.

Traces of enderman destruction may be obvious in areas that are frequently traversed, particularly if they are not well lit. Endermen are generated around players when it is the appropriate light level, so areas with a lot of player activity are more likely to show signs of damage. Interestingly enough, endermen can propagate cactus blocks by placing them on new sand blocks in desert areas.

Enderman Block List

Blocks an enderman can pick up


You can provoke endermen into pursuing you by striking them or looking directly at their face. They won’t become aggressive if you keep your crosshair on their lower body block at all times. They are easy to hide from, as they cannot fit through a 2×1 entrance like a player can. While this is useful for escaping, it is hard to trap and kill an enderman with it due to their teleport ability. You can avoid fighting endermen by wearing a pumpkin on your head, which lets you look at them without causing making them aggressive.

You can force endermen to teleport by throwing projectiles or shooting arrows at them. They will warp right before it hits them. You can also place water around a structure or inside buildings to scare endermen away. They take damage when they are in water blocks, so they avoid water at all costs. If you can trap an endermen it water, it will attempt to warp away to save itself.

Killing Endermen

Endermen are vulnerable to the same types of damage that players and most other mobs are. They can suffer lethal damage from both fire and lava blocks. You can sneak up and strike them by keeping the mob in the “peripheral” of your vision, so that your crosshairs don’t actually point at it. It is possible to kill endermen with only ranged attacks, but the process is tedious and unreliable.

Diamond swords are perhaps the most effective tool for killing an enderman in combat. There’s a chance that you can slay an enderman before it has time to teleport by spamming attacks, but chances are you will need to follow the purple warp trail once or twice to finish it off. There is some delay between an enderman’s attack and teleport ability, so you have several seconds to strike him when he attacks you.

You can attract and easily kill endermen by building a 1×1 pillar four blocks from the surface below you. Look directly at endermen that spawn around you, prompting them to pursue you. They can’t hit you on top of the pillar, but you can hit them with melee weapons. You can also set traps that dump sand or ignite fire to kill an enderman safely.


An enderman’s looks are made to match their scare-factor for players in survival mode. They were added to make combat more interesting, and dangerous, to give players more of a thrill while exploring outdoors at night. They were first introduced to the game in Beta 1.8 Version 1, and where changed in subsequent patches before and after release.

The endermens’ phobia of water is the result of a recent change to their programming. Since they are vulnerable to water even if they aren’t drowning, they now teleport immediately upon contact with a water block. Endermen appear en masse in The End, an alternate dimension that was added in Beta 1.9 Version 4.


  • Endermen are exactly 2.9 blocks tall.
  • The enderman’s mouth graphic moves when it is attacking a player.
  • Endermen resemble the Ender Dragon, who rules the barren dimension of The End.
  • You can look directly at endermen by viewing them through transparent solid blocks, like glass.
  • Endermen can make golems accidentally by placing a pumpkin on top of iron or snow blocks.

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