Minecraft Dragon Egg

A dragon egg is a rare block that appears on top of the bedrock portal that is created when the Ender Dragon is defeated in The End. Dragon eggs have no practical applications as of yet, but they are an extremely rare resource that can be placed as a unique decorative block. The only way to legitimately obtain a dragon egg is to slay the Ender Dragon in The End, one of the two alternate dimensions accessible from the Overworld. Only one dragon spawns naturally per server and it can only drop one egg when slain.


Type: Solid Block
Requirements: None
Physics: Yes
Transparency: Yes
Luminance: Yes. 1
Blast Resistance: 45
Tool: None
Renewable: No
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data Value- Dec: 122, Hex: 7A

Minecraft Dragon Egg


Dragon egg blocks teleport to a random space when a player tries to touch them. They can go as far as 7 block spaces up or down and 15 in any direction. They leave a trail of purple energy behind them after warping, just like endermen mobs. Dragon eggs must be on top of another block. They will fall until they reach a lower block if the one they are on is destroyed. The block will break and release a dragon egg resource if it lands on a torch or trapdoor.

Retrieving a Dragon Egg

One method of retrieving a Dragon Egg

You can’t harvest a dragon egg with any active item or tool, but there several ways that can move it around or force it to drop as a resource. Since it is affected by gravity, you can place a trapdoor under the block supporting the dragon egg and then destroy the supporting block to break the dragon egg. You can also push it with pistons, but it is an incredibly tedious method for long-distance transportation. You can also obtain the egg by detonating it with TNT or placing any non-solid block under the block the egg is resting on and then removing the block underneath it so it falls on the non-solid block. Another method is to hold the left mouse button while looking away from the egg and then moving your cursor over the egg while still holding the button. This is probably the easiest way of collecting the egg.

Dragon Egg in The End

Interesting Facts

  • Ender dragons can destroy dragon eggs.
  • Dragon eggs aren’t in the creative game mode inventory, but if you pick one up you can place an infinite number of them.
  • Dragon eggs have a persistent particle effect.
  • Striking a dragon egg with the flint and steel tool has a chance to harvest it.

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