Minecraft Door

Doors are a utility block that gives players a way to protect entrances and structures. Doors can be made with either iron or wood, and there are benefits and drawbacks for each. Doors occupy two stacked block spaces when they are placed. Doors have hinges on one side that attaches them to two adjacent blocks. Like trapdoor and ladder, normal doors prevent water from flowing through the block they occupy, even though players and mobs can freely travel through them.

You can open wooden doors simply by right-clicking them, but they are less blast resistant than iron doors and can be destroyed by zombies in hard difficulty modes. Iron doors cannot be opened without a switch or redstone power, but are harder to destroy.


Type: Solid Block
Requirements: None
Physics: No
Transparency: Yes
Luminance: No
Blast Resistance: Wooden (15) and Iron (25)
Tools: Axe or Pickaxe
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: No
Data Values- Wooden Door (Dec: 64, Hex: 40), Wooden Door in Inventory (Dec: 324, Hex: 144), Iron Door (Dec: 71, Hex: 47) and Iron Door in Inventory (Dec: 330, Hex: 14A)

Minecraft Door

Wooden Doors

You can either left or right-click a wooden door to open and close it. You also have the option of controlling the state of the door with switches or redstone power. On the “Hard” and “Hardcore” difficulty settings, zombies trapped on the other side of a wooden door will break it down to reach players that they are chasing. They do not attack doors that are already open. Zombies also break down doors so that they can attack villager mobs.

Iron Doors

You can open iron doors by placing a lever, button or pressure plate on a neighboring block. You can also change the state of iron doors by powering the door itself with redstone dust, repeaters and torches. Even though pickaxes are the appropriate tool for harvesting iron doors, it still takes several seconds to break the block. It is easier to remove an iron door by removing the block beneath it, which makes any type of door immediately drop as a resource. Naturally generated doors appear in villages and strongholds.

Door in a Stronghold


Crafting a Door: Combine 6 iron ingots or 6 wooden planks.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Doors 6 Wooden Planks or 6 Iron Ingots Minecraft Crafting Doors

Wooden Doors can be activated by right-clicking on them or by sending them an electrical signal. Iron Doors can only be activated by an electrical signal.

Double Doors

You can make double doors by placing 2 doors next to each other. When the second door is placed, the hinges move and attach themselves to the solid block on the other side of the door, rather than latching onto the adjacent door blocks. When this happens, the handles of both doors face towards each other. The doors can be wired to open and close together with redstone, or you can simply place 2 pressure plates, levers or buttons to activate each door separately.

Automatic Doors

Pressure plates are useful for creating automatic doors that open as you approach them, and then close once you’ve passed through them. You can place pressure plates on both sides of the doors to make travel more convenient, or put them on only one side of the door to prevent hostile mobs from entering.

Draw Bridge

If the top of a door block is exposed, players can walk across it as if it were a solid block. When the door’s state is changed, the block will no longer be traversable and any entity currently standing on it will fall down. Because of this, doors can be placed below a walkway to create a drawbridge. By powering the doors with a switch or redstone, you can control the ability of players and mobs to walk across the area.

Mob Trap

You can make a mob trap by placing four doors around a single block with a pressure plate. Stand on the center block and place doors on each block that is directly adjacent to the block you are standing on. Once the doors are placed, leave by opening one of the doors and walking out. Place a pressure plate on the center block that you stood on to place the doors. The doors should all respond to the pressure plate by switching to the open position immediately after you place it.

Players or mobs will activate the pressure plate when they walk into the trap, which closes all 4 doors around them. If the trap is exposed to sunlight, mobs inside will stay trapped until dawn and eventually die to sunlight. You can also place a water source block immediately above the pressure plate so enemies caught in the trap will drown, allowing the trap to reset more often.

Interesting Facts

  • Wooden doors aren’t damaged by adjacent lava blocks, even though they are made of flammable wooden planks.
  • It is possible to make “half doors” through mods and server editing by only placing a single block of the door.
  • Doors cannot be placed on other doors.
  • You can activate switches and hit mobs through the holes in wooden doors.

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