Minecraft Diamond Blocks and Ore

Diamonds are among the most useful and rare crafting resources in Minecraft. While some resources are just as scarce, like lapis lazuli, diamonds tend to be placed at a higher value due to their many applications in crafting. Diamond tools, weapons and armor are more effective and durable than their counterparts made from more common materials, like Iron. A diamond pickaxe is necessary for harvesting obsidian; any other tool will break the block without yielding the obsidian resource. Diamonds are also required for constructing enchanting tables and other important crafted blocks.

The scarcity of diamond is also a result of its severe spawning restrictions. Diamond ore is only generated in the lowest 15 blocks of the map, so players have to dig almost to the bed rock layer in order to find them. Diamond ore can spawn in veins of between 1 and 10 blocks. You can also find diamonds by searching for randomly generated chests, which appear in dungeons, villages and mineshafts. Diamond is the second hardest item to get in Minecraft. The hardest is Emerald Ore.

Diamond ore can be found between layers 1 to 15 above bedrock in small groups of 1 to 10 blocks per vein. They must be mined using an iron pickaxe or higher.

Diamond Ore
Type: Solid Block
Tool: Iron Pickaxe
Requirements: None
Renewable: No
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data Value: dec – 56, hex – 38
Minecraft Diamond Block
Diamond Gem
Type: Raw Materials
Durability: N/A
Renewable: No
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data Value: Dec – 264, Hex – 108
Minecraft Diamond Gem


Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Diamond Gem Diamond Block Crafting Minecraft Diamond Gems

Used to craft strong tools, weapons and armor.


Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Diamond Gem Diamond Ore and Fuel Smelting Diamond

Used to craft items such as enchantment tables, jukeboxes and armor.

Crafting Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Diamond Tools and Weapon Diamond Gems and Sticks Crafting Diamond Tools and Weapons

Used to mine, dig, farm, chop and fight mobs.
Diamond Armor Diamond Gems Crafting Diamond Armor

Reduces damage caused by mobs and falling.
Diamond Block 9 Diamond Gems Crafting Diamond Solid Block

Allows ingots, gems, or dye to be used as placeable blocks. Used for compact ore storage or as fancy/expensive building materials.
Enchantment Table 4 Obsidian and 2 Diamond Gems and Book Minecraft Crafting Enchantment Table

Used to enchant tools, weapons, and armor.
Jukebox 8 Wooden Plank and Diamond Gem Minecraft Crafting Jukebox

Plays music discs.

Interesting Facts

  • Before they were officially introduced to the game, diamonds were actually labeled as emeralds by the development team.
  • Diamond ore can be placed in a furnace and smelted to produce a diamond gem. The only difference between smelting and mining is the consumption of fuel by the furnace.
  • Diamonds made their first appearance in the Indev 0.31 release in early 2010.

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