Minecraft Controls

The default controls on the PC version of Minecraft require both a mouse and keyboard, while the console version is adapted to a hand-held controller. You can access and edit input options by opening the controls menu in the “Options” section of the main menu.


Players using Apple computers or keyboards must use the function (fn) or Alt key to use most of the “F” key functions. For example, holding “fn” and pressing “F11” adjusts the game’s volume. Apple users also have trouble changing in and out of full screen, so players may need to use “Alt” and “Tab” simultaneously to adjust the screen. Minecraft runs on dual display systems, but may expand to fill both monitors depending on the settings.

Default Control Functions

Mouse Movement: Slide the mouse in any direction to turn your character.
Mouse Wheel Scroll: Switch between items in the quick-bar.
1 through 9 Keys: Switches the active item to the one in the corresponding quick-bar slot.
Esc: Shows the mouse cursor and displays the game menu, it also pauses the game in single-player mode.
F1: Turn “Heads Up Display” on or off.
F2: Take a screenshot.
F3: Show debug information, including frames per second, memory usage and other performance data, along the top of the screen. Pressing keys 1 to 9 while in this mode to see additional information about each item.
F5: Switch between first and third person views.
F8: Toggle the mouse smoothing feature.
F10: Return cursor control to the player and prevents input into the game until pressed again.
F11: Switch between full-screen and windowed mode.
Forward Slash (/): Opens the chat box.
Shift: Holding Shift while selecting an inventory item will move it to the quickbar immediately. This method also allows for fast item transitions between the player inventory and chests, crafting tables, furnaces and other storage blocks. You can also hold shift while crafting to create as many finished products as the resourced placed in the crafting window will allow.

Configurable Controls

Left Mouse Button: Hold to harvest blocks, attack mobs and interact with doors, switches and levers.
Right Mouse Button: Click to use an active item, place blocks, block with a sword and shoot arrows from a bow. Use on switches and containers to interact with them and to board minecarts and boats.
Wheel Mouse Button: Change the active block to the one currently targeted by the player’s crosshairs in the center of the screen. The player must be in creative mode or have that block on his quickbar to use this function. Using this button on some entities causes a glitch that puts bedrock blocks in your hand.

Players can duplicate dragon eggs and end portal frame blocks in creative mode with the wheel button.
W: Press and hold to move in the direction your character is looking. Tap and then hold to sprint.
A: Move left without turning your character.
S: Walk backwards.
D: Move right without turning your character.
Spacebar: Jump or rise to the surface when submerged in liquids. Press this button twice in creative to activate flying mode.
Left Shift: Hold to activate sneak mode. While sneaking, you cannot fall off the edge of blocks and mobs are far less likely to detect you. Hold the key to travel downwards in flying mode.
E: Open the player inventory.
Q: Throw your current active item on the ground as a dropped resource. This function allows you to throw things off of cliffs and into water or lava. Each key press only disposes of a single unit, even if you are holding a stack.
T: Opens the chat box on multiplayer servers.
Tab: Hold on a multiplayer server to see who else is online.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Movement: Tap the movement symbols on the screen to move in different directions.
Jump: Touch the square button on the screen.
Place Block: Touch the screen where you want to place a block.
Break Block: Press and hold the screen on top of the target block. A meter will pop up and display your current progress when harvesting.
Move Camera: Slide fingers across the screen in the direction you want to turn.

Minecraft Xperia PLAY

Right Bumper: Place blocks.
Left Bumper: Break blocks.
Triangle: Open the player inventory.
Circle: Scroll through the hotbar from left to right.
Cross (X): Jump.
Square: Scroll through the hotbar from right to left.
Directional Pad: Each button moves the character in the corresponding direction.
Right Analog Stick: Move the camera.
Menu: Open the main menu.
Touch Screen: Tap the screen to open the chat box on multiplayer servers.
Search Button: Switch between third and first person views.

Most tablets use the same control setup as touch screen phones, but there are some configuration options available to tablet users that are not accessible in the phone app version of the game. The tablet version displays crosshairs like the PC and Xbox 360 versions do.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Default Controls
A: Jump
Right Trigger: Strike blocks with your active item and activate doors and switches.
Left Trigger: Place held blocks, fire bow and block with sword. Use to interact with containers and vehicles.

Y: Open the player inventory.
X: Open the crafting menu.
In Crafting
A: Finish craft combine.
B. Close the crafting menu.
X: Show information about the targeted item.
Right and Left Bumper: Browse through items in item bar.

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