Minecraft Cake

Since its introduction in Beta 1.2, cake has been the only food resource in Minecraft that can be placed as a solid block. Unlike most food, which is consumed by holding it as an active item, cake can only be eaten after it has been placed on another block. It cannot be consumed from the player’s inventory. The cake graphic has a brown-tan base with a white surface that represents the frosting. The frosting texture is decorated with red pixels.

You can consume a slice of the cake by right-clicking on the solid cake block to activate it. Each use restores a single hunger point, while removing 1/6 of the cake block’s mass. The cake block is destroyed once it has been activated 6 times. If a player breaks a cake, or the block that the cake is resting on, then it will be destroyed without dropping anything.

Type: Food
Physics: No
Transparency: Yes
Luminance: No
Blast Resistance: 2.5
Tool: Sword (-2)
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Block: Yes (64), Item: No
Data Values — (Block) Dec: 92, Hex: 5C / (Item) Dec: 354, Hex: 162

Minecraft Cake

Advantages and Disadvantages

While cake is a cumbersome and inconvenient resource, it is an easy and decorative way for multiple players to share food with one another. It is also completely renewable; all of the ingredients can be gathered or cultivated indefinitely without killing mobs. Consuming a cake is also faster than eating other types of food, as it does not force the player’s character to go through an eating animation before it takes effect.


Combine 3 buckets of milk, 2 sugar, 1 egg and 3 wheat to craft a single cake block.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Cake 3 Milk, 2 Sugar, 3 Wheat and an Egg Crafting Cake from Milk, Sugar, Wheat and Egg

Heals 1.5 food points on each use and can be used 6 times for a total of 9 food points restored. Buckets are not lost in the recipe.

Interesting Facts

  • Cake is the only food that does not have a sound associated with its consumption.
  • Cakes are immune to flowing water and lava.
  • While cakes look round in the player’s inventory, the block itself is completely rectangular.
  • If a piston arm pushes into a cake block, the cake will be destroyed without dropping anything.

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