Minecraft Bread

Bread is food resource that can be made by placing 3 wheat in one row on a crafting grid. It restores 2.5 hunger points when eaten. While it may not be as potent as some other foods, it is easy to create in large quantities and doesn’t require killing mobs to make.


Type: Food
Restores: 2.5 Hunger points
Cookable: No
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data Value- Dec: 297, Hex: 129

Minecraft Bread

Crafting Bread

Crafting Bread: Combine 3 wheat to create bread.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Bread 3 Wheat Minecraft Crafting Bread

Heals 2.5 food points.


Wheat farms are easy to plant thanks to the abundance of tall grass that spawns frequently on grassy dirt. Bread is probably the best sustainable food resource during early development (mushroom stew can be easier in certain areas). Tall grass occasionally drops wheat seeds when they are harvested or destroyed. You can grow wheat quickly by planting seeds on moist tilled dirt and then fertilizing it with bone meal. Fertilizing instantly makes the wheat grow to full maturity, so you can harvest it to gather more seeds a well as several wheat resources. Replanting and re-fertilizing seeds allows you to multiply your seeds and create a massive wheat farm in no time.

Wheat only grows in light levels 9 or higher, so the area around it must be well lit using any type of light source if you want the crops to grow at night as well. Artificial light is required to grow them in areas that are not exposed to sunlight during the day. Wheat farming is quite low density and using bone meal on wheat is much less efficient than using it on mushrooms. A large wheat farm is required to provide a significant food resource due to its rate of growth.

You can also build automatic harvesting farms by using pistons to block source water in a compartment above a wheat field. When the plants mature, you can activate the piston to move the block next to the water, causing the field to flood. Water destroys wheat blocks, but does not eliminate their dropped resources. There is currently no way to automatically replant the field afterwards. Wheat is stackable, safe to obtain, has a food saturation of 6 and provides 2.5 hunger points making it better than all other unprocessed food an excellent choice for most situations.

Interesting Facts

  • Bread has been in the game since February 2010.
  • The recipe to craft bread required twice as many units of wheat when it was first introduced.
  • Bread appears in naturally generated chests scattered around mineshafts and in dungeons.

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