Minecraft Boat

Boats are floating vehicles that let you travel quickly and safely across large stretches of water. They move much faster than a player’s swimming speed, but are relatively fragile at high velocities. Crashing into a coastline, island or even a lily pad can completely destroy your boat if you are traveling fast enough. Boats are prone to directional water flows and can be carried away by currents. This mechanic also gives players the opportunity to automate boat travel by making canals with flowing water.

When boats are broken by any type of tool or held item, they will break into their droppable pieces. The only way to pick a boat up without destroying it is to harvest it with a silk touch enchanted tool. Boats can be placed in lava, but they are immediately destroyed if a player attempts to get in.


Type: Vehicles
Durability: N/A
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: No
Data Value- Dec: 333, Hex: 14D
Health Points (when placed): 6
Network ID (when placed): 41
Savegame ID (when placed): Boat
Drops (when placed): Wooden Planks (3) and Stick (2)


Crafting a Boat: Combine 5 wooden planks.

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Boat 5 Wooden Planks Crafting Boat from Wood

Enables you to travel in water faster than swimming.

Riding Boats

Activate the boat after it is placed to board and take control of it. There are no restrictions on where you can enter a boat from as long as you are close enough to right-click it. This makes it an easy way to get to the surface while submerged or floating in water. Be careful while riding boats in enclosed areas, because the boat can freely travel in areas that will suffocate its passengers.

Boat in Water

Boats are controlled with the same movement controls as the player’s character, although it responds much slower. Boats accelerate as they travel in a single direction, but they slow down when you adjust their heading. The boat will turn to point in the same direction that the player is looking, so navigation can be a bit tricky at first.

Boat Physics

Boats and other vehicles are classified as entities instead of solid blocks. Boats are mobile and can be pushed around by players, mobs and liquid currents. If a boat collides with objects or living entities, it reverses direction and travels at reduced speed. If two moving boats collide, one will be destroyed and the other pushed away.

Boats take damage over time as they collide with blocks and entities. Some collisions are powerful enough to destroy a boat instantly, but enough minor accidents can also break the vehicle eventually. As delicate as boats are, they can survive a vertical fall from any height without taking damage. You can sneak while driving a boat around obstacles to reduce its speed and avoid collision damage in the event of a crash.
Soul sand is an exception to the collision rule because it is slightly shorter than most other solid blocks. Boats will simply slide onto soul sand if it is placed evenly with the water level, so it is a useful resource for creating docking zones. If you dismount a boat onto soul sand, there is a chance the game will glitch and cause you to fall through the terrain.

Warning: Since the release of Beta 1.6.6 Update, players may fall through the world simply from being on a boat that slides onto soul sand. This may be fixed in a later patch.
Boats can travel through doors and trapdoors while they are open, so these devices can also shutter in docked boats to prevent them from floating away. Boats behave strangely in water with mixed currents, particularly if there is a downward flow.

Harbor with Boats


You can dig shallow strips of water, called canals, across land to allow boats to travel to bodies of water on either side. Smaller canals can also form a transportation network in a large structure to make traveling faster. Doors, ladders, pressure plates, pistons and other blocks can be placed to control the flow of water through canals to keep the boat going in the right direction. If placed right, water flows will carry a boat to its destination without any player input at all.

Interesting Facts

  • If you attempt to travel through The Nether or End portal while riding a boat, your game will crash and you will be disconnected from the server.
  • If a player disconnects or logs out while in a boat, the boat will move away from the area and the player will spawn in the water when they next log in.
  • If a boat collides with an animal mob, the player driving it may sustain lethal damage.
  • You can drive a boat on land, but it will take a very long time to go anywhere.

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