Minecraft Inventory

The inventory is a pop-up menu that you can access to manage the items you are carrying. This menu allows you to craft items using a 2×2 crafting grid, equip armor and equip items by placing them into the bottom row of boxes which are hotkey slots. These items can now be accessed using the scroll wheel on your mouse or the 1-9 number keys on your keyboard. The current custom Minecraft skin you are using is also displayed, along with any armor you are wearing and the item you are currently holding.

Minecraft Inventory Screen

Minecraft Inventory Pop Up Screen (Click to enlarge)

The default keyboard shortcut for opening and closing the inventory is ‘i’. The ‘Esc’ key can also be used to exit the menu. It is highly recommended that you change the inventory shortcut to the ‘Shift’ key. This makes it much easier to access your inventory as you won’t need to move your left hand.

The inventory screen has 4 armor slots (helmet, chestplate, legs and boots), 27 slots for item storage, 9 hotkey slots and 4 slots for crafting. Once one of these hotkey slots has been selected in game, the item in that slot can be used or placed using the mouse buttons. If items are placed in the 2×2 crafting grid, they will be dropped on the ground once the inventory screen is closed. This is the same as a workbench’s crafting grid as items left there will fall out of the workbench once the pop-up menu is closed.

Note: Items stored in the 2×2 crafting grid will be lost when you die instead of being left on the ground where you died.

Some items such as blocks can be stacked up to a total of 64 in one slot. Other items have different maximum stack sizes. For example, snowballs can be stacked up to 16 in one slot. Most tools and food cannot be stacked. A stack of items can be split in half by right-clicking a stack, which picks up half of the items in that slot. When you are holding a stack of items in the inventory menu, you can right-click an item slot to place one item at a time from the stack you are holding.

Items can be removed from your inventory by picking up items and then clicking outside the inventory window. Another way to drop items is to place them into the 2×2 crafting grid and then closing the inventory menu. Be sure to move backwards when you do this or you will pick the items up again. Items that are dropped on the ground will disappear after 5 minutes if they are not picked up. Blocks that are placed on the ground (by right-clicking) will never disappear.

Chests can be crafted to provide extra storage space and to prevent the risk of losing valuable items if you die. They must be placed on the ground before they can be used.

In order to equip armor, it must be placed in the corresponding armor slot. It does not provide any damage protection until it is equipped.

Since Seecret Friday Update 9, your inventory is now saved on multiplayer servers. Your personal inventory and any chests you have built are saved when you stop playing, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you log onto the server.

As of Beta 1.0, all items have tooltips that display the name of an item when you hover your mouse over it.

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