Minecraft Dispenser

Dispenser Crafting Square

Type: Block
Requirements: None
Physics: No
Transparency: No
Luminance: No
Block Resistance: 1
Tool: Pickaxe
Stackable: Yes (64)
Data value: dec: 23 hex: 17

A Dispenser is a special block that was added to Minecraft during Beta 1.2. When the block is right-clicked, a menu appears that enables you to place up to 9 stacks of items or blocks inside of it. Every time a dispenser is powered by a redstone circuit or mechanism, a random item from its inventory pops out. It looks very similar to a furnace, but the two blocks have completely different functions and crafting recipes. The easiest way to spot a dispenser is the small round hole on the front face of the block.

Dispenser Menu

Dispenser Menu

When a dispenser is destroyed with items inside, the items cannot be recovered. They are not dropped on the ground like when a chest is destroyed. This is a bug that has been recognized by Notch.

Crafting a Dispenser

Name Input >> Output Description
Dispenser 7 Cobblestone and Bow and Redstone Dust Crafting Dispenser
Dispensers can store 9 stacks of items or blocks in a 3×3 grid. When powered by Redstone Dust, it ejects the items in random order. Snowballs, eggs and arrows are fired out as projectiles.

A dispenser faces the player when it is placed and will dispense items in that direction.

Dispensing Items

When items are ejected from a dispenser they will land 2-4 blocks away if it is on level ground. When certain items such as arrows, snowballs and eggs are stored in a dispenser they will be fired out instead and will travel much further. An arrow fired from a dispenser at a height of 2 blocks will land somewhere between 10 to 21 blocks away on level ground. These arrows can cause damage, but cannot be picked up like arrows fired by skeletons. Eggs and snowballs break just like they do when you throw them. Mobs are not knocked back when they are hit by projectiles that are fired from a dispenser. It is not yet known whether this is a bug or not. As of update 1.3.1, minecarts and boats are now placed properly if there are rails/water in front of the dispenser and instead of dispensing buckets, they now place or suck in lava or water in front of them.

Unlike most redstone powered mechanisms, a dispenser does not have to have redstone wire directly connected to it for it to work. It can be powered by redstone wire that is one block away from it as well. This makes creating large walls of dispensers much easier because a single piece of redstone wire can power up to 5 dispensers in a cross pattern.

When a dispenser ejects an item, there is a clicking sound and a small puff of smoke. If it is empty when it tries to dispense an item then the clicking sound is higher pitched. One way that dispensers can be made to work underwater is if a redstone torch is placed underneath it. It can also be powered by connecting it to a redstone circuit built inside of an underwater tunnel.

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