Minecraft Chest

ChestLarge Chest

Type: Solid Block
Requirements: None
Physics: No
Transparency: No
Luminance: No
TNT Resistance: ? blocks
Tool: Any tool
Stackable: yes (64)
Data value: dec: 54 hex: 36

Chests are blocks that were introduced to Minecraft in one of the many 0.31 Indev updates.

A chest is simply extra storage space. It can store 27 stacks of items or blocks. If you place two chests beside one another, they will form a large chest (see picture below). This doubles the capacity of the chest to 54 blocks. The top three rows in a large chest are the items being stored in the right chest, and the bottom three rows are the items in the left chest. If any solid block is placed on top of a chest, it cannot be opened. However, items like other than glass, leaves, cake or a single step can be placed on top and the chest will still open. This technique enables you to use a chest as part of a wall. They can be also be placed in the floor and opened as long as the top of the chest is accessible.

If a chest is destroyed with items inside, the items will be dropped on the ground. If half of a large chest is destroyed, the items stored in that half will be dropped and the other half will turn into a small chest.

Chests can be found inside dungeons. These chests are guarded by a mob spawner and will contain an assortment of random items. Some chests may also be hidden under stone, mossy cobblestone or cobblestone blocks in the dungeon.

Crafting a Chest

Name Input >> Output Description
Chest 8 Wooden Planks Crafting Chest from Wood
Stores 27 stacks of items or blocks inside. A large chest can be formed by placing two side-by-side.
Small and Large Chests

Small and Large Chests

Minecraft Small Chest Capacity

Capacity of a small chest.

Minecraft Large Chest Capacity

Capacity of a large chest

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