New Minecraft Mod Biomes O’ Plenty Available Now

We’ll be doing a full writeup on this shortly, but until then you should definitely check out Biomes O’ Plenty if you’re looking for something new to add to your Minecraft game or server.

Biomes O’ Plenty offers a huge selection of new areas for you to play in, with seemingly no limit to what you can do. There are about 30 different worlds and they’re incredible diverse from what I’ve seen so far. My personal favorites are the wooded ones like Mangrove, but the most stunning one that I’ve seen a picture taken of so far has easily been the Mesa world. Check it out below:

Biomes O’ Plenty Mesa World

If you’re interested in checking this new mod out, go here.

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Playing Minecraft in Real Life

These things are so cool.

Basically this guy made these big Minecraft blocks that use an Arduino and piezoelectric sensors (they detect pressure in case you were wondering) to create blocks that change based on how much you hit them. Not only do they ‘break’ but they also change to different types of blocks.

I don’t want to take anything away from Ben Purdy (the guy who made these awesome things) so I’ve only linked the video below:



If you want to see more, check out his website.

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