Minecraft Crafting Guide

Here is a list of every known Minecraft crafting recipe in the latest version of Minecraft.
Updated for Minecraft version 1.3.2

Simple Recipes
Block Recipes
Tool Recipes
Weapon Recipes
Armor Recipes
Transportation Recipes
Mechanism Recipes
Food Recipes
Miscellaneous Recipes
Dye Recipes
Wool Recipes
Enchantment and Brewing Recipes

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For those of you who don’t know what Minecraft crafting is, it is the way in which tools, weapons and other items are made from raw resources such as wooden planks, iron, coal and stone in Minecraft.

To craft an item, resources must be placed into a crafting grid from your inventory in a specific pattern to create a particular item. Some patterns are small and can be crafted on the 2×2 grid found in your inventory screen, but larger ones require a 3×3 grid. To access this larger grid, first build a crafting table which can then be used by right clicking on it once it has been placed on the ground. It is important to note that it does not matter where on the grid the resources are placed, as long as the correct pattern for the item is used. This means that every 2×2 recipe can also be implemented using a crafting table’s 3×3 grid. The crafting pattern can also be flipped horizontally. For example, you can craft a fishing pole with the string on the left side of the 3×3 grid.

Minecraft 2x2 Crafting Grid Minecraft 3x3 Crafting Grid
2×2 Crafting Grid – Inventory Screen 3×3 Crafting Grid – Use a Crafting Table

The simplest way to understand the Minecraft crafting process and remember the crafting recipes (and not have to visit this list as often) is to visualize what item you are trying to craft. Take the pickaxe for example:

Crafting Pickaxes

The pickaxe is created by placing two sticks down the middle of the 3×3 grid (see above). Visualize this as two small sticks being put together to form a long handle for the pickaxe. Three of the same resource (wooden planks, stone, iron, gold or diamond) are then placed across the top three boxes in the grid. Picture this as being the blade of the pickaxe that is attached to the top of the handle. You’re done! Many of the items you craft in Minecraft can be visualized this way, so try not to over think things.

Item Durability

Armor, some tools and swords as well as some other usable items can be crafted using several different resources and are therefore subject to item durability. Item durability is a process where each use of the tool (breaking a block or hitting a mob) decreases its number of available uses unless it is repaired. Items will last longer and work faster/better if they are made from a stronger resource such as iron or diamond. A small damage bar below each item displays how much longer a tool will last before it breaks and disappears.

A use is counted if you completely break apart a block or hit an enemy. If you stop while you are still in the process of mining and do not finish breaking it, a use is not counted against your tool. If you use a tool (or sword) for a task other than what it is meant for such as using a shovel to break apart rock or a pickaxe to hit a mob, this counts as two uses.

The amount of damage a piece of armor protects you from no longer depends on the percentage of remaining uses it has and its number of base armor points. The protection a piece of armor provides is constant and only depends on the material it is made of. The stronger the material, the more damage it will protect you from.


  • Each block you break using the proper tool is 1 use. (Use axes for wood, shovels for dirt and pickaxes for stone-type blocks).
  • Each block you break using the wrong tool is 2 uses.
  • Each time you hit a mob with your sword is 1 use.
  • Each time you hit a mob with a tool counts as 2 uses.
  • Each time a piece of armor is used to protect against any amount of damage is 1 use. If you are wearing multiple pieces of armor, 1 use will be counted against each piece you are wearing. Wearing multiple pieces will absorb more damage.
  • Each piece of armor provides a different amount of protection or “armor points”. The stronger the type of armor (leather, gold, iron, etc.), the more damage it will protect you from.
  • When the damage bar under a tool icon is completely empty, it will break after the next use.

Material Durability

This is how many blocks a tool can break or hits a sword can deal when they are used properly.


  • Wood – 60 uses
  • Stone – 132 uses
  • Iron – 251 uses
  • Gold– 33 uses
  • Diamond – 1562 uses


Note: While gold tools have lower durability, they work faster than diamond tools.

The Crafting List

There are 174 known crafting recipes in Minecraft right now. Each type of tool, sword and armor are counted as separate recipes as well as the two recipes for mushroom soup. Chainmail is included in the count as well.

Simple Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Wooden Planks Wood (regular, birch or pine) Crafting Wood Planks from Wood

Can be used as a building material, but is usually used for a wide variety of crafting recipes.
Sticks 2 Wooden Planks Crafting Sticks from Wood

Used as handles for tools and weapons as well as for ladders, signs, torches and fences.
Torches Stick and Coal or Charcoal Crafting Torches from Stick and Coal

Torches create light. They also have the ability to melt ice and snow.
Crafting Table 4 Wooden Planks Crafting Workbench from Wood

When placed on the ground, it provides use of the 3×3 crafting grid.
Furnace Cobblestone Crafting Furnace from Cobblestone

Provides the ability to smelt.
Chest 8 Wooden Planks Crafting Chest from Wood

Similar to your inventory. Holds 27 stacks of items or blocks.

Block Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Ore Blocks Gold Ingots, Iron Ingots, Diamonds, Emeralds and Lapis Lazuli Dye Crafting Ore Blocks

Turn ingots or gems into a placeable block. Can be used for storage or to show off.
Glowstone Block 4 Glowstone Dust Crafting Glowstone

Glowstone gives off more light than a torch and will melt nearby snow and ice. Breaking a brimstone block will 2-4 Glowstone Dust back.
TNT Block 5 Gunpowder and 4 Sand Crafting TNT from Gunpowder and Sand

Causes an explosion and breaks apart blocks near it.
Wool String Crafting Wool Block

Used as a building material and can be colored with dyes. This recipe is not efficient because Wool can be easily obtained from Sheep.
Clay Block Clay Crafting Clay Block from Clay

Used as a building block.
Brick Block Clay Bricks Crafting Brick from Clay Bricks

Used as a realistic looking building material.
Stone Brick 4 Stone Crafting Stone Brick

Used as a building material.
Snow Block Snowballs Crafting Snow Block from Snowballs

Used as a building material or snowball storage.
Bookshelf 6 Wooden Planks and 3 Books Crafting Bookshelf from Wood and Books

Used as decoration or to give an Enchantment Table knowledge.
Sandstone 4 Sand Crafting Sandstone from Sand

Used as a building block. Is not influenced by gravity like normal Sand.
Slabs 3 Stone or 3 Cobblestone or 3 Sandstone or 3 Wooden Planks (any type) or 3 Brick or 3 Stone Brick Crafting Slabs

Each slab is half the size of a regular block. Used to create long staircases quickly. Two slabs can be placed on top of each other to make a full sized block.
Stairs 6 Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Brick or Stone Brick or Nether Brick or Sandstone Crafting Stairs from Wood or Cobblestone

Stairs take up less space than steps.
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin and Torch Crafting Jack-O-Lantern

Acts as a torch, but emits more light. Melts snow and ice. Can stay lit underwater.
Redstone Lamp 4 Redstone Dust and Glowstone Block Crafting Redstone Lamp

Similar to a glowstone block, but is only lit when powered by a redstone signal.

Tool Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Pickaxes Sticks and Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond Gems. Crafting Pickaxes from Several Resources

Makes mining stone-type blocks faster.
Shovels Sticks and Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond Gems. Crafting Shovels from Several Resources

Makes digging dirt, snow, gravel, sand and grass faster.
Hoes Sticks and Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond Gems. Crafting Hoes from Several Resources

Used on grass and dirt to acquire seeds or prepare for farming crops.
Axes Sticks and Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron Ingots or Gold Ingots or Diamond Gems Crafting Axes from Several Resources

Makes chopping wood-type blocks faster.
Bucket 3 Iron Ingots Crafting Bucket from Iron Ingots

Can hold lava, water or milk.
Flint and Steel 1 Iron Ingot and 1 Flint Crafting Flint and Steel

Used to set fire to things.
Fishing Rod 3 Sticks and 2 String Crafting Fishing Rod from Sticks and String

Used to catch fish. Can also be used to pull mobs and other entities.
Compass 4 Iron Ingots and 1 Redstone Dust Crafting Compass from Iron Ingots and Redstone Dust

Always points to your spawn point.
Map 8 Paper and 1 Compass Crafting Map

Used to record and find locations that you have explored. It records the areas you explore when you are holding the map in your hands.
Clock 4 Gold Ingots and 1 Redstone Dust Crafting Clock

Tells current positions of the sun and moon.
Shears 2 Iron Ingots Crafting Shears with Iron Ingot

Used to collect leaves, tall grass, vines as well as wool from sheep. Breaks Wool faster than by hand.
Fire Charge Blaze Powder and Coal/Charcoal and Gunpowder Crafting Fire Charge

Used as fireball ammunition for dispensers or as an alternative to flint and steel to set fire.

Weapon Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Swords Stick and 2 of either Wooden Planks or Cobblestone or Iron or Gold or Diamonds Crafting Sword from Stick and Other Resources

Kills mobs faster than using your hands.
Bow 3 Sticks and 3 String Crafting Bow from Sticks and String

Allows for distance attacks using arrows.
Arrows Flint and Feather and Stick Crafting Arrows from Flint, Feather and Stick

Shot at mobs using a bow.

Armor Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Helmets 5 of either Leather or Gold or Iron or Diamond or Fire* Crafting Helmets from Several Resources

Leather cap provides 0.5 points
Golden helmet provides 1 point
Iron helmet provides 1 point
Diamond helmet provides 1.5 points
Chain helmet provides 1 point
Chestplates 8 of either Leather or Gold or Iron or Diamond or Fire* Crafting Chestplates from Several Resources

Leather tunic provides 1.5 points
Golden chestplate provides 2.5 points
Iron chestplate provides 3 points
Diamond chestplate provides 4 points
Chain chestplate provides 2.5 points
Leggings 7 of either Leather or Gold or Iron or Diamond or Fire* Crafting Leggings from Several Resources

Leather leggings provides 1 point
Golden leggings provides 1.5 points
Iron leggings provides 2.5 points
Diamond leggings provides 3 points
Chain leggings provides 2 points
Boots 4 of either Leather or Gold or Iron or Diamond or Fire* Crafting Boots from Several Resources

Leather boots provides 0.5 points
Golden boots provides 0.5 points
Iron boots provides 1 point
Diamond boots provides 1.5 points
Chain boots provides 0.5 points

*Chainmail armor can also be crafted using fire blocks. However, this can only be done by hacking Minecraft which is why the recipe isn’t shown.

Transportation Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Rails Stick and 6 Iron Ingots Crafting Rails from Stick and Iron

Used to provide a route for minecarts.
Powered Rails Stick and 6 Gold Ingots and Redstone Dust Powered Rail

Used to speed up or slow down minecarts.
Detector Rails Stone Pressure Plate and 6 Iron Ingots and Redstone Dust Detector Rail

Works like a pressure plate (sends a redstone signal when pressed) but can only be activated by a minecart.
Minecart Iron Ingots Crafting Minecart

Used for transporting players or mobs along rails.
Powered Minecart Furnace and Minecart Crafting Powered Minecart

Pushes other minecarts along tracks. Powered by fuel.
Storage Minecart Chest and Minecart Crafting Storage Minecart from Minecart and Chest

Used to transport resources on rails.
Boat 5 Wooden Planks Crafting Boat from Wood

Enables you to travel in water faster than swimming.

Mechanism Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Redstone Torch Redstone Dust and Stick Minecraft Crafting Redstone Torch

Sends a constant electric signal. Can be used as a receiver/transmitter when connected to the side of a block. Also emits small amount of light.
Lever Cobblestone and Stick Crafting Lever from Cobblestone and Stick

Sends an electrical signal when in the “on” position. Stays in its current state unless it is clicked.
Pressure Plates 2 Stone or 2 Wooden Planks Crafting Pressure Plates from Wooden Planks or Stone

Sends an electrical signal when a player or mob walks on it. Wooden Pressure Plates are also be activated when something is dropped on them.
Trapdoors 6 Wooden Planks Crafting Trapdoor with 6 Wooden Planks

Trapdoors are activated by clicking, and function as normal doors, but are a 1×1 one block and lay flat on the ground. Can also be activated with redstone.
Doors 6 Wooden Planks or 6 Iron Ingots Minecraft Crafting Doors

Wooden Doors can be activated by right-clicking on them or by sending them an electrical signal. Iron Doors can only be activated by an electrical signal.
Stone Button Stone Crafting Stone Button

Sends an electrical signal when pressed. Charge lasts for approximately one second.
Jukebox 8 Wooden Planks and 1 Diamond Crafting Jukebox from Wood and Diamond

Plays music discs.
Note Block 8 Wooden Planks and 1 Redstone Dust Crafting Note Block from Wood and Redstone Dust

Plays a note when used. Right click it to change the pitch of the note. A different instrument is played depending on the type of block it is placed on.
Dispenser 7 Cobblestone and Bow and Redstone Dust Crafting Dispenser from bow, cobblestone and redstone dust

Dispensers can store 9 stacks of items or blocks in a 3×3 grid. When powered by a redstone signal, it ejects a random item. Snowballs, eggs and arrows are fired out as projectiles.
Redstone Repeater 3 Stone and Redstone Dust and 2 Redstone Torches Crafting Redstone Repeater from Stone, Redstone Dust and Redstone Torches

Used in redstone circuits as a diode, a repeater or a delayer.
Piston 3 Wooden Planks, 4 Cobblestone, Iron Ingot, Redstone Dust Crafting Piston with Cobblestone, Iron and Redstone

Pushes blocks and objects 1 space.
Sticky Piston Piston and Slimeball Crafting Sticky Piston with Slimeball

Pushes and pulls blocks and objects 1 space. Pulls the block it is touching when retracted.
Tripwire Hook Wooden Plank and Stick and Iron Ingot Minecraft Crafting Tripwire Hook

Sends an electrical charge when a player steps on a tripwire connected to it.

Food Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Bread 3 Wheat Minecraft Crafting Bread

Restores 2.5 hunger points.
Mushroom Stew Red Mushroom and Brown Mushroom and Bowl Minecraft Crafting Mushroom Stew

Restores 4 hunger points. The brown and red mushrooms can be switched in the recipe.
Bowls 3 Wooden Planks Minecraft Crafting Bowls

Holds mushroom stew. Bowls can be reused. Also used to milk a Mooshroom.
Golden Apple 8 Gold Nuggets and Apple Crafting Golden Apple

Restores 2 hunger points and regenerates health for 5 seconds. Can be eaten when full.
Enchanted Golden Apple 8 Gold Block and Apple Minecraft Crafting Golden Apple

Restores 2 hunger points and regenerates health quickly for 30 seconds. Provides damage and fire resistance for 5 minutes. Can be eaten with a full hunger bar.
Sugar Sugar Cane Crafting Sugar from Sugar Cane

Used to make cake.
Cake 3 Milk, 2 Sugar, 3 Wheat and an Egg Crafting Cake from Milk, Sugar, Wheat and Egg

Restores 1 hunger point on each use and can be used 6 times for a total of 6 food points restored. Buckets are not lost in the recipe.
Melon Block 9 Melon Slices Crafting Melon

Compact melon slice storage. Each slice restores 1 hunger point. Breaking a block only returns 3-7 melon slices.
Melon Seeds 1 Melon Slice Crafting Melon Seeds

Plantable on farmland. Will produce one Melon Block each harvest.
Cookie 2 Wheat and Cocoa Bean Crafting Cookie

Restores 1 hunger point.
Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Crafting Pumpkin Seeds

Used in farming to obtain more Pumpkins.

Miscellaneous Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Paper 3 Reeds Minecraft Crafting Paper

Used to craft books.
Fences 6 Sticks Minecraft Crafting Fence

Used as a barrier that players and mobs cannot jump over, with the exception of spiders and spider jockeys. It is 1½ blocks high for mobs and players, but only 1 to other blocks.
Iron Bars 6 Iron Ingots Crafting Iron Bars

Similar to fences, but are only counted as 1 block high instead of 1.5 blocks.
Ladder 7 Sticks Crafting Ladder

Used to climb straight up and down.
Book 3 Paper and Leather Minecraft Crafting Book

Used to craft bookshelves, enchantment table and book and quill.
Book and Quill Book and Feather and Ink Sac Minecraft Crafting Book and Quill

Can be written in and edited (up to 50 lines).
Sign 6 Wooden Planks (any type) and Stick Crafting Sign

Displays four lines of editable text entered by the player.
Minerals Iron Block, Diamond Block, Gold Block, Emerald Block or Lapis Lazuli Block Crafting Ore Pieces

Separates a block into individual gems/ingots.
Painting Sticks and Cloth Minecraft Crafting Painting

Used for decorative purposes.
Bed 3 Wool and 3 Wooden Planks Crafting Bed from Wool and Wooden Planks

Used to fast forward time from night to day if all the players in the world are in bed at the same time. Can only be used at night and any color of wool can be used. Changes the spawn point of the player.
Fence Gate 4 Sticks and 2 Wooden Plans Crafting Fence Gate

Serves as a gate/door for a row of fencing. They are not affected by redstone and can only be opened by right-clicking.
Nether Brick Fence 6 Nether Brick Crafting Nether Brick Fence

Used as a barrier that players and mobs cannot jump over, with the exception of spiders and spider jockeys. It is 1½ blocks high for mobs and players, but only 1 to other blocks.
Glass Pane 6 Glass Crafting Glass Pane

Looks exactly like glass, but can only be placed on the outer edge of a block, just like the placement behavior of a fence. Panes do not drop anything when broken.
Gold Ingot 9 Gold Nuggets Crafting Gold Ingot

Used in Tools, Armor, Clock and Powered Rail.
Eye of Ender Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder Crafting Eye of Ender

Used to locate Strongholds, and repair an End Portal Frame.
Ender Chest 8 Obsidian Block and Eye of Ender Minecraft Crafting Ender Chest

Contents are put into all Ender Chests created by a particular player in SMP. Contents are localized to that player.

Dye Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Rose Red Dye Rose Crafting Rose Red Dye from Rose

Used to dye wool red.
Orange Dye Rose Red Dye and Dandelion Yellow Dye Crafting Orange Dye from Rose Red and Dandelion Yellow

Used to dye wool orange.
Dandelion Yellow Dye Dandelion Crafting Dandelion Yellow Dye from Dandelion

Used to dye wool yellow.
Lime Dye Cactus Green and Bonemeal Crafting Lime Dye from Bonemeal and Cactus Green

Used to dye wool green.
Light Blue Dye Lapis Lazuli and Bonemeal Crafting Light Blue Dye from Lapis Lazuli and Bonemeal

Used to dye wool light blue.
Cyan Dye Lapis Lazuli and Cactus Green Crafting Cyan Dye from Lapis Lazuli and Cactus Green

Used to dye wool cyan.
Pink Dye Rose Red and Bonemeal Crafting Pink Dye from Rose Red and Bonemeal

Used to dye wool pink.
Magenta Dye Purple Dye and Pink Dye Crafting Magneta Dye from Pink and Purple Dye

Used to dye wool magenta.
Purple Dye Rose Red and Lapis Lazuli Crafting Purple Dye from Lapis Lazuli and Rose Red

Used to dye wool purple.
Light Gray Dye Ink Sack and 2 Bone Meal Crafting Light Gray Dye from Ink Sack and Bone Meal
Crafting Light Grey Dye 2

Used to dye wool light gray. Can be made using an ink sac and two bonemeal or gray dye and bonemeal. Combining gray dye with bonemeal is better because you make 4 light gray dye from every ink sac (instead of 3).
Gray Dye Ink Sack and Bone Meal Crafting Gray Dye from Ink Sack and Bone Meal

Used to dye wool Gray.
Bone Meal (White Dye) Bone Crafting Bone Meal from Bone

Used to dye wool white (original colour) and as an ingredient in many dye recipes. Can also be used as fertilizer to grow crops instantly.

Wool Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Red Wool Wool and Rose Red Crafting Red Wool from Rose Red and Wool

Used as decoration.
Green Wool Wool and Cactus Green Crafting Green Wool from Cactus Green and Wool

Used as decoration.
Brown Wool Wool and Cocoa Bean Crafting Brown Wool from Wool and Cocoa Bean

Used as decoration. Currently not available.
Orange Wool Wool and Orange Dye Crafting Orange Wool from Wool and Orange Dye

Used as decoration.
Yellow Wool Wool and Dandelion Yellow Crafting Yellow Wool from Dandelion Yellow and Wool

Used as decoration.
Light Blue Wool Wool and Light Blue Dye Crafting Light Blue Wool from Wool and Light Blue Dye

Used as decoration.
Cyan Wool Wool and Cyan Dye Crafting Cyan Wool from Wool and Cyan Dye

Used as decoration.
Blue Wool Wool and Lapis Lazuli Crafting Blue Wool from Wool and Lapis Lazuli

Used as decoration.
Pink Wool Wool and Pink Dye Crafting Pink Wool from Wool and Pink Dye

Used as decoration.
Magenta Wool Wool and Magenta Dye Crafting Magenta Wool from Wool and Magenta Dye

Used as decoration.
Purple Wool Wool and Purple Dye Crafting Purple Wool from Wool and Purple Dye

Used as decoration.
Light Gray Wool Wool and Light Gray Dye Crafting Light Gray Wool from Wool and Light Gray Dye

Used as decoration.
Grey Wool Wool and Grey Dye Crafting Grey Wool from Wool and Grey Dye

Used as decoration.
Black Wool Wool and Ink Sack Crafting Black Wool from Ink Sack and Wool

Used as decoration.

Enchantment and Brewing Recipes

Name Ingredients Input >> Output
Glass Bottle 3 Glass Crafting Glass Bottle

Used in Brewing.
Brewing Stand Blaze Rod and 3 Cobblestone Crafting Brewing Stand

Used to Brew.
Cauldron 7 Iron Ingot Crafting Cauldron

Used to store water for Glass Bottle.
Blaze Powder Blaze Rod Crafting Blaze Powder

Can be crafted together with a Ender Pearl, to create an Eye of Ender. Can also be used to craft Magma Cream.
Magma Cream Slime Ball and Blaze Powder Crafting Magma Cream

Has fire-resistant properties. Used in potions.
Fermented Spider Eye Spider Eye and Brown Mushroom and Sugar Crafting Fermented Spider Eye

All potions with Fermented Spider Eye have negative effects. Used in Potions.
Glistering Melon Melon Slice and Gold Nugget Crafting Glistering Melon

Used in Brewing to create health restoration Potions.
Gold Nugget Gold Ingot Crafting Gold Nugget

Used to craft Glistering Melon with Melon Slices.
Enchantment Table Book and Diamond and Obsidian Crafting Enchantment Table

Used to Enchant tools, weapons and armor.

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